Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4/7/09: Breakfast - yogurt and berries

Probably my favorite breakfast ever, aside from yeasted waffles.

cut up some strawberries, wash (maybe half a cup).
wash half a cup of blackberries (or raspberries, cloudberries, etc)

I put the berries in a 16oz mason jar and sprinkle about a tsp of sugar (~12g) on top to get the berries to release moisture. top with about a cup of plain yogurt (high fat is best, but low fat is acceptable, especially if greek yogurt is used) and maybe a little vanilla extract or cinnamon if you like. I then ride my bike to work with this jar in my backpack (encased in a bread bag to prevent spills) and everything gets all mixed and ready to eat by the time I get to work. This recipe is why I can't really excuse myself from breakfast anymore - it's too easy to make.

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