Sunday, September 6, 2009

farfalle with roasted chipotle pumpkin pesto

I paid a visit to the Sunset Valley farmers market in So. Austin yesterday. Sgt Pepper's Hot sauce company sells a line of lovely and creative pestos as well as hot sauces and i tried and loved the chipotle pumpkin - slightly sweet and smokey.

I got a pot of water heating and a bag of farfalle out. Chop a zucchini and a small onion and get them to saute-ing in a little oil. Season liberally with garlic, italian seasoning and fresh herbs if you got any (especially basil). Reconstitute some sun dried tomatoes (put in a glass bowl with some water and heat for 90 seconds in a microwave OR pour some boiling water over them to cover. Once they are soft, pout the liquid into your pan with the onions and zukes, then dice and add to the pan. Add a small quantity of tomato puree or marinara sauce and stir until you have a chunky sauce with a thin liquid beneath it. Let everything cook down a little, then reduce heat to low and add about a 1/4C of pesto and mix to combine.

When the water boils, add the farfalle and boil for 10-14 minutes (just taste the pasta occasionally and stop it when done and drain). Top with a little olive oil, then some sauce. Garnish with a little parmesan if desired.

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